My Herbarium was set up at home by Linda Taylor, and her daughter Yasmin to provide natural, wholesome and helpful remedies for anxiety and sleep, as well as many common ailments. All of the products are hand made and not mass produced & even the orchid in the product photographs has grown on our kitchen window sill for years!

We have especially chosen and blended the aromatherapy oils for their unique properties and we hope you find them beautiful and soothing to your spirit.

Our spices and herbs have been selected for their freshness, and rare flavours - they are not commonly found in supermarkets - and we have also developed our own recipes for you to astound your family and friends with exotic dishes which are incredibly easy to make. Simply cook your meat and veg - add your spice and voila! The culinary excitement of the whole world in your very own kitchen!

There are lots of vegetarian recipes too.

We love our animals and we have included special herbal calming pillows for your cats and dogs and as everyone needs a little bit of magic in their lives. The cat and dog in the product pictures are our pets Mindy and Sophie.

Please visit our Blog for all sorts of Information, Magic Spells to Ease your Way and Brighten your Day, and seasonal recipes (most not needing any products sold by My Herbarium) - and all completely free of charge!

We would also love your feedback and comments and would be happy to answer any questions or offer advice. Please feel free to email

Enter & Enjoy....