Herbal Sleep Pillows

Aromatic herbs have been used for hundreds of years to help bring peaceful sleep, enhance dreams and encourage dream memory. It was also believed that herb pillows would protect against evil; bring good dreams and banish nightmares; to foresee the future and even glimpse a future lover!Only 100% pure dried herbs and petals are used in these magic pillows to naturally soothe your worries and help you to slip into a blissful refreshing sleep.

Place the herbal sleep pillow inside your pillowcase or on your pillow where the fragrance will gently diffuse throughout the night for many weeks.

Simply click on the name of your preferred pillow to see the special properties it will bring to you and then add to basket. Relax, visit my spell page to find love, luck and happiness & look forward to a beautiful peaceful sleep.....

Please note: although children and our furry friends (who have their own special pillows included) especially benefit from natural remedies too – please ensure that the herbal sleep pillow is placed safely out of reach and with care so it does not present a choke hazard!

Also, you may wish to give your herb pillow a gentle shake before placing it on your pillow to release its beautiful fragrance and to remove any smaller herbs.

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