Hand Made Night Time Facial Oil Serums

The Night Time Facial Oil Serums are based on skin care preparations known to ladies through-out the ages; these remedies do not involve expensive creams and lotions and are 100% natural – the serum contains no animal products or anything nasty what so ever! Nature at her best just for you.

Massage a small amount of the facial serum into the Upper Chest (Décolletage) Neck and Face using firm upward strokes and enjoy the beautiful scents and beneficial oils which will enrich your skin and rejuvenate both your body and soul naturally.

The serums are a luxurious treat not only for night time, but are very beneficial to your skin after a face masque or whilst relaxing in a leisurely bath.

They contain Sweet Almond Oil which is gentle and restoring: Frankincense – which was so precious it was given to Jesus at his birth and has been known for thousands of years for its properties such as longevity, restorative and anti-aging powers along with its mystical properties of being a spiritual cleanser. Pure Sandalwood is also added for its rejuvenating and healing properties and that it has been used in skin preparations dating back to the Ancient Egyptians and pure aromatherapy oils specially selected for their properties.

Simply click on your favourite to add to basket & I will mix a blend just for you over which is spoken a magickal enchantment for your well-being.

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