Natural Remedies

Country lore and old wisdom is a mix of science and a little bit of magick which makes it both very intriguing and yet amazing – because it works.

Should you understand a little about medicine, this will not surprise you as you will know that aspirin originates from willow bark, some heart medicines originate from foxgloves and that strong sedatives may be derived from the poppy.

Witches and Wisewomen were (despite the bad press) often healers and our herbs have been carefully selected to gently help you to enjoy good health, especially where modern medicine may prove a little harsh or unhelpful.

Choose a category in the menu on your left to view the individual properties of each natural product and should you have any specific issues we are always happy to blend products specifically for you. Please email

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Ladies Mantle is a native plant of Britain and Europe and is so called as it was thought to look lik..
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Siberian Ginseng has been used by Chinese herbalists for well over 2,000 years; it is used to restor..
This tea is made with Milk Thistle which has been used as an organic healing herb for over 2000 year..
Echinacea was used by the Native Americans for hundreds of years and by the early 1800’s it became a..
Why not treat yourself or a loved one to the gift of natural health? Choose your any of your Four Fa..
This tea is based on an ancient European recipe for a traditional herbal tonic and includes many dif..
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