Remedies other than teas

Roots and herbs have been used for many centuries by diverse cultures around the world who appreciate the usefulness of plants
and have a strong understand the cycle of natural rhythms. Always consider herbal remedies to be 'complimentary' and a gentle alternative to processed products; and always consult your doctor if you have serious symptoms or concerns.

Herbal remedies were often handed down by word of mouth, and Egyptian medicine gardens were further developed in Greece under the influence of Aristotle and Hippocrates and then continued during the Middle Ages in Europe by the monks. 
These evolved into Botanical Gardens to study plants for medicinal, educational and scientific purposes for the students of medicines and apothecaries to use like a library and hence developed the first Herbariums and Pharmacopoeia.

As there are hundreds of remedies for thousands of conditions, MyHerbarium will be developing this range of products guided by our clients needs. Herbal remedies do not only depend upon the ailment, but their effectiveness is governed by many factors such as other health factors, lifestyles and even astrology or the tarot so please feel free to email and we would be happy to either blend a product just for you or offer you free advice for you to follow at home.

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